Hudson Valley Breakfast History

Our net gets together for a annual or semi-annual breakfast for fellowship, net business, and awards.  These individual breakfasts have their pictures linked off of our main HVN Net home page.  Here's the list of breakfasts that we've had in the past, and their QTHs:





Hams in Attendance

Aug 6th, 2005 1st Dutchess Diner, Poughkeepsie K2AVV, KC2DAA, KC2LIX, KC2LOR, KC2LUR, KC2OBW, N2JBA, W2BOS (ex- N2FTR), W2NTV (ex-KC2NTV), WA2AHR, WA2BSS, and WB2UWU
2006 2nd ???? K2AVV, KC2DAA, KC2LIX, KC2LUR, W2NTV (ex-KC2NTV), KC2OBW, W2BOS (ex- N2FTR), N2JBA, N2QZ, N2RTF, N2YJZ, N6BQD, WA2BSS, WB2UWU, and WM2C
Jun 2nd, 2007 3rd Eveready Diner, Hyde Park K2AVV, KC2DAA, KC2DTQ, KC2LIX, N2JBA, N2YJZ, W2JVP,
Feb 2008 4th Eveready Diner, Hyde Park K2AVV, KC2DTQ, KC2LUR, W2NTV (ex-KC2NTV), KC2RZC, N2JBA, N2QZ, N2YJZ, W2BOS, and WB2UWU
Feb 14th, 2009 5th Eveready Diner, Hyde Park K2AVV, KC2LIX, KC2TZM, N2JBA, N2YJZ, W2BOS, WA2ZCM, WB2UWU, and WM2C
Mar 20th, 2010 6th Eveready Diner, Hyde Park KB2RGA, KC2DAA, KC2LUR, N2JBA, N2YJZ, N9UQ, WA2BSS, WB2UWU, WE2G, WM2C, and WN2Y
May 21st, 2011 7th Eveready Diner, Hyde Park KB2RGA, KC2LIX, N2JBA, W2BOS, W2NTV, WA2BSS, WB2UWU, WE2G, WM2C, and WN2Y
Feb 18th, 2012 8th Pete's Famous, Hyde Park (now out of business as of April 2013) KB2RGA, KC2DTQ, KC2LIX, N2JBA, N2YJZ, N6BQD, W2BOS, W2NTV, WA2WMJ, WB2HRK, WB2UWU, WE2C, WE2G, WM2C, and WN2Y
Apr 13th, 2013 9th Daily Planet, LaGrangeville AC2LP (ex-KD2CVX),, KB2SSP, KC2BUV, KC2LIX, N2JBA, N2YJZ, N6BQD, W1ALI, W2BOS, W2NTV, WA2BSS, WB2HRK, WB2UWU, WM2C, and WN2Y
Apr 12th, 2014 10th Daily Planet, LaGrangeville KC2LIX, KC2LOR, KD2DVY, KD2FLV, N2JBA, N2YJZ, N6BQD, W2BOS, W2DVH, W2NTV, WA2BSS, WB2UWU, WE2G, WM2C, and WN2Y
May 23, 2015 11th Daily Planet, LaGrangeville N2JBA, W2BOS, W2DVH, WA2BSS + friend Nora, WB2HRK, WM2C, and WN2Y
April 9, 2016 12th Daily Planet, LaGrangeville Net Manager Ed N2JBA, Andrew W2BOS, Scott W2DVH, Stu WA2BSS + friend Nora, AJ WB2HRK + XYL Marguerite, Frank WN2Y, Bill KC2LIX, Walt KC2WRC, Finn WB2UWU+XYL Lilli + daughter Heidi, Julian WA2WMJ, Red N2CXT (ex-KD2KBW), and Cyril KC2HMH
2017     (Did not have a breakfast in 2017 due to late conflicts)
April 14, 2018 13th Daily Planet, LaGrangeville Let Ed N2JBA know that you can attend this upcoming breakfast!

We would welcome any other photos to be sent and especially any details from the 2006 breakfast.  Thanks to Ed N2JBA, Mark WM2C, and Finn WB2UWU for their work in compiling this list.  Please send updates and/or corrections to us!

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